#pumetii - Terms & Conditions

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Below you find the Terms & Conditions for our #pumetii contest on Instagram. For more information on the contest check out this page.


These terms and conditions of participation apply to the “#pumetii” contest.

The participants of the Puma contest „#pumetii" are required to accept and comply with the following terms and conditions of the Regulation. Through participation to the Puma contest „#pumetii" the participants implicitly agree to all provisions of these Regulation, so that participation in the competition is worth full acceptance, free consent and without any constraints of the Regulation.

The contest is held in Romania, for participants who have domicile or residence in Romania.

1. The Organizer

The organizer of the contest is S.C. PUMA SPORTS ROMANIA S.R.L, having its geadquarter in Ilfov, 1 Şos. Pipera Tunari, building Nord City Tower, 8th floor, Voluntari, registered with the Trade Register under no. J23/1205/2008, sole identification number RO 21082194, account no. RO86BACX0000000105949250, oppened at Banca Unicredit Țiriac Bank, Grigore Mora branch, reprezented by Mr. Dan Crișan, as Administrator (herein after refered to as "The Organizer").

2. Contest period and the jury

2.1. The contest runs from February 4 to April 7 2013.

2.2. One winner will be chosen after each week of contest, the jury selecting the photo of the week. The photos for one week of the contest can be send from Monday to Sunday, following that the next week the jury will chose the winning photo. The name of the winner will be published on www.puma.com and on www.facebook.com/puma.

2.3. The winning photo of the week will be published on the media platforms of Puma.

2.4. To determine the photo of the week, there will be taken into consideration only the photos uploded that week, from Monday 00:01, till Sunday 23:59. There is no limit to the number of photos uploaded as long as they are different in terms of subject's enrollment

2.5. Any photo uploded after April 7 2013 will not be taken into consideration.

2.6. The jury is composed of the following members:
- Adina Militaru – member of Puma Romania
- Iulian Pene – member of Puma Romania
- Corina Culea – member of Puma Romania
- Roxana Marinescu – member of Puma Romania
- Ştefan Cincan – member of Puma Romania
- Liana Mischie – member of Puma Romania

2,7 . Judging procedure :
The 6 members of the jury will choose the most inspired 5 photos of the week . Once they are selected , each member of the jury will choose one picture out of the 5 , which they would like to be the winning one . At least 2 members of the jury will choose the same picture , due to the fact that are 6 persons and 5 photos . This one will be considered the winning photo of the week. If 2 different photos will be voted by 2 persons each , the procedure will start again and the 5 members of the jury will choose one of the 2 photos. The photo that was chosen in majority will be the winning one.

3. The right to participate

3.1. This contest is open to individuals with domicile or residence in Romania, aged 14 years.

3.2. All information provided by a participant must be true and accurate otherwise the participant may be excluded from the competition or disqualified.

3.3. Uploaded photos will be made only after the start of this contest, as long as the participant is the owner of the photos and takes responsibility and does not infringe legislation on copyright and related rights. Participant assumes all legal consequences if it is proved that he has no rights on the photo. Moreover, if the user is not the copyright holder of the photo it will not receive the prize.

3.4. The organizer reserves the right to modify/complete and/or change regulation and the right to suspend and/or terminate the contest, announcing the public through website www.puma.com or Facebook page.

3.5. Employees and co - workers of the organizer or any other partner company and family members, or spouses/spouses or relatives up to 2nd degree of these are excluded from participation in the contest.

3.6. The right to participate does not depend on the purchase of a product or service provided by the Organizer.

4. The procedure

4.1. Individuals who meet the requirements of Art. 3 above mentioned can participate by uploading a photo to the Instagram app

4.2. Each participant need to upload the photo on its own Instagram account and be follower of PUMA (#PUMA) within the same application.

4.3. The photo will be tagged #pumetii. Also one should enable geo-tagging in order to identify where the photo was taken.

4.4. Blurred photos, whose content is described as obscene, with political references with messages that discriminate or otherwise violate the copyright law or other Romanian law, contrary to the provisions of this Regulation shall be excluded, responsibility lying directly to the participants.

4.5. By accepting the terms and conditions of this Regulation, all participants agree that the organizer has the right to use the photos in events conducted by the Organizer without Organizer's obligation to provide compensation for their use.

4.6. The organizer may use, process, reproduce and use the photos on the website competition www.puma.com and www.facebook.com/puma, and other media channels to promote the organizer, without obligation to compensate for use.

4.7. Participation in the competition is free.

5. The prize

5.1. The prize for the best photo of the week is a pair of Puma shoes.

6. Declaring the winner

6.1. After the end of a week of the contest there will be selected one (1) winner by the jury referred to in Art. 2, under the conditions referred to in Art. 2,2 – 2.5.

6.2. The name of the winner will be announced on www.puma.com and www.facebook.com/puma.

6.3. The winner will be contacted by the Organizer by posting a comment at the picture designated as "photo of week". In this message the winner will be informed how to contact the organizer and get the prize.

6.4. The prize can be claimed only by the participant. A third party is not allowed to claim the prize. The prize will be sent by courier using the contact details provided by the winner.

6.5. If a participant was declared winner and fails to respond within 10 after the notification by email/courier or by phone, the right will be revoked and the organizer is entitled to choose another winner and award the prize to that person instead of the person who was initially declared winner.

6.6. The prize can not be substituted for any other prize or cash equivalent. If the winner refuses to take possession of the prize, the organizer reserves the right not to award the prize.

7. Protection of the data and information regarding the processing of personal data of the participants in the contest

7.1. Personal data collected by the Organizer will not be made public only in terms of the username in the Instagram app. Personal data will be used for the sole purpose of delivering the prize and will not be used for promotional purposes. The following information is considered personal data in this way: name, address, street, postcode, city, country, email address and telephone number.

7.2. The sole purpose of collecting, processing and use of personal data is to send the award.

7.3. The organizer will send the personal data only to the service providers that deal with organizing the contest.

8. Other provisions

8.1. Advertising of this Regulation would be made on www.puma.com and will be available for free to any interested persons by contacting the organizers at no. 0730/999,613 phone or by e- mail at liana.mischie@puma.com.

8.2. The organizer has not responsibility, being fully and exclusively to participants for:

8.2.1. Illegally acquiring photos uploaded by participants and non copyrights;

8.2.2. Situations where participants provided with incorrect or incomplete identification data that void the Organizer to contact the participant and therefore to deliver award.

8.3. Any complaints concerning the competition will be made by the Organizer email address liana.mischie@puma.com up on 15.04.2013, at 16.00. Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account.

9. Applicable law

9.1. This Regulation is an agreement between the participant and organizer governed by Romanian law.

We wish you good luck!