Hitting the Pavement with Yasso: Runner's World Exec Leads Fun Run in Chicago

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On Tuesday June 21st, a group of 70 runners headed over to the PUMA Store in downtown Chicago for a Runner's World Challenge fun run. Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer at Runner's World, lead the pack in a 3 mile run around the Windy City.

The night kicked off with Bart saying a few words about running and the planned running routes by the waterfront. Runners - many were wearing their fresh Faas 500 and 300! - chose from a 3, 4, or 5 mile course. Post run refreshments were served while Bart talked about his amazing life experiences as a runner. Participants had an opportunity to ask Bart questions, take photos, and sign autographs, and everyone in attendance left with a PUMA gift bag filled with giveaways, 25% off bounce back coupon and a signed copy of Bart's book. Not a bad deal for a few miles along the waterfront!

If you had a blast on Tuesday, become part of the greater Chicago running community! Check out more information on the PUMA Chicago Run Club - featuring Tuesday night runs from the PUMA Store.