Bolt and Jamaica shine at Penn Relays

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American sprinter Mikele Barber asked, ?Is the President here??. Her sister Lisa said, ?I was wearing my headphones and the crowd became so loud, I couldn?t hear the music.?
At 1:40 p.m. Saturday, the single-day record crowd of 54.310 at the 116th Penn Relays at Franklin Field - many clad in yellow, green and black - began to roar. It was the type of moment that will live on as another chapter in the storied history of the Carnival.

In front of an electrifying crowd a thundering applause shook the arena when Olympic champion and multiple world record-holder Usain Bolt stepped onto the infield with his Jamaican teammates about an hour before he was scheduled to race in the USA vs. The World 4×100-meter relay.

As the athletes stepped to the line before the 4X100, the stadium announcer pleaded with fans to sit down and quiet down before the featured race, saying, "Folks, the runners cannot hear. Wait until the race starts, then cheer your hearts out.?

Bolt and his island brethren dominated the event, with Bolt anchoring his team by laying down an 8,79-second split time, adding once more to his overwhelming global persona as the world?s fastest man. The Jamaican team and especially Usain gave PUMA unbelievable exposure during the 2 hours broadcast on ESPN2.

After the race Bolt joked, "I told the guys to make sure I didn't have to work, because I really didn't want to do much. I got the baton pretty much in front, so I wasn't really worried about anything else."

Bolt, 23, hadn't run at the Penn Relays since 2005, when he was still a teenager with aspirations of making it big. He remembered how raucous the Jamaican fans were, especially on the homestretch. That was the case on Saturday during his race - and the victory lap that ensued. "Well, the crowd always has been wonderful. I haven't been here in a while, so I was really looking forward to it. It was just awesome. It was a wonderful feeling. There's nothing like a home crowd for me. So the experience was wonderful. I love running here."

"It's a very good steppingstone to show that our track club is stepping up and doing well. Especially on this 4 x 100, we've been doing baton changes for 2 weeks. We came here really focused and ready and we came out there and executed."

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Usain Bolt, Team Jamaica top USA in Penn Relays 4x100, USA vs. the World