Are You Ready for Marathon Monday?

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The Boston Marathon is on April 16th. Are you ready for it?

Every year, on the third Monday of April, Boston is overrun by athletes and excited onlookers alike - all coming to be a part of the city's historic marathon. Scheduled to coincide with Patriot's day - a civic holiday commemorating the first battles of the American Revolutionary War - the Boston Marathon was originally a small local event dating all the way back to 1897. Much like the battles it honors, though, this small New England spectacle has grown to become a race known 'round the world.

Today, Marathon Monday is much more than just an athletic event. For Boston, it's a city-wide celebration culminating at the Copley Square finish line - right in the heart of Bean Town. Public transportation on the MBTA (or as we call it, The T) is suspended for the day. Most colleges are closed, and every year, the Red Sox play a home game slated to end just in time for the crowd to empty into Kenmore Square and cheer runners on for the final mile.

For the world at large, Marathon Monday is a melting pot of international excellence and culture. World renowned runners come from all corners of the globe to face the unpredictable New England weather and overcome harrowing challenges like Heartbreak Hill. Many of these athletes, who have spent days or even weeks getting to know the course, also become well-known by the community, and on race day - no matter where these runners hail from - everyone is cheered along the shores of "that dirty water" as if Boston is their home too.

Whether you're braving all 26,2 miles yourself, cheering from the streets, or following the excitement from around the world, it's hard not to get wrapped up in Marathon Monday. For well over 100 years, this race has provided inspiring moments of dedication, endurance and speed, so we want to know, what inspires you?

Stay tuned for more information on special offers at the Newbury Street and Natick PUMA stores, information on where to cheer for your favorite runner, and more. Tell us how the Boston Marathon inspires you, or what you love most about Marathon Monday on Twitter by tweeting with the hashtag #inspirespeed, or use our Facebook page to share your stories in more detail. April 16th is coming fast, are you ready for Marathon Monday?