Race Day: PUMA Runs with the Maasai Marathoners

On November 1st, Actor and Conversationist Edward Norton, Alanis Morrisette, Maasai warriors from Kenya and 30 runners from around the US participated in the NYC Marathon to raise awareness of the Maasai Wilderness Conversation Trust. As a sponsor of the organization, PUMA supported the team on their quest to raise money for the biodiversity and preservation of the tribal lands in Kenya. Norton and the team were outfitted in a special edition PUMA & Maasai performance tees and PUMA's latest technical running sneakers. PUMA has a long standing history with supporting causes in Africa and the Maasai Wilderness Conversation Trust is one of many efforts the sportlifestyle brand is involved in to benefit the community, lands and people of the African continent. For more information on how to get involved or to donate, visit

  • PUMA Running Race Day: PUMA Runs with the Maasai Marathoners
  • Escrito el: 20 de marzo de 2010