The Night Also Rises: The After Hours Art World of Los Angeles

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Forget the sun. It’s the late dark LA nights and its after-hours art universe of local galleries and boozy drinks that has us feeling nocturnal. 

It’s 23:00 on a Tuesday when we pull up to a strip mall in Lincoln Heights. For the record, we’re here to soak up some culture – the opening of artist Abigail Deville’s if I don’t think I’m sinking, look what a hole I’m in. Off the record, we’re here to party. At the Night Gallery, the only late-night art space with regular hours in Los Angeles, there’s a crew of people from all over the city lounging on the couch right outside the doors.

We decide to hold off on hanging with our parking lot teammates (yes, we're also in awe of our self-restraint) until we experience Deville's trippy 3D sculptural installation. Inside it's an alternate world, and Deville's layered handiwork of trash collected from all over the City of Angels is proudly on display, proof that one man's trash is another artist's muse?

"I believe trash has a certain energy. It has a history," Deville says. "In Los Angeles, it's beaten down from the sun, it's dry, it's faded, it's jaded, and where else could you collect a hot tub in the trash?" Solid point.

For the installation, she spent three days picking up all her "source materials" and another three days putting it together. And with the night still young, we're hoping to practice the same sort of efficiency as we seek out some cocktails and raise a toast to why we're loving this scene…great teammates, fresh art, and our favourite time of play: the night.

Because we’re always here to help, here’s a cheat sheet for taking on LA’s after-hours art scene:

The Night Gallery
Location: 204 S Ave 19, Los Angeles
Nights and Hours: Tues-Thurs 22:00-02:00
Exhibit Info and Dates:
Social Media Fun: Instagram @nightgallery and Tumblr

When you want to continue your Lincoln Heights art experience, just around the corner is the Los Angeles Brewery, the world’s largest artist colony complex:

The Los Angeles Brewery
Location: 2100 North Main Street, Los Angeles
Nights and Hours: There are no official hours. You just go and knock on doors or check out the LA Brewery Art Walk- the open studio weekend on 20-21 October, where you can buy some art, chow at the in-site restaurant, and add some after-hours artists to your crew.
Brewery scoop:
Brewery Art Walk scoop:

Photo courtesy of Sara Mohazzebi