Meet A Few Good Mates

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Take some time and get to know our new crew. You won't be disappointed.

Meet our hands on deck. In the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race, these men will steer PUMA’s il mostro across the seas and over the Equator, spanning the globe from Alicante, Spain to Galway, Ireland.


Ken Read, Skipper

Tom Addis, Navigator

Brad Jackson, Watch Captain

Tony Mutter, Watch Captain

Casey Smith, Bowman

Jonathan "Jono" Swain, Helmsman & Trimmer

Michael "Michi" Mueller, Bowman

Ryan Godfrey, Trimmer & Driver


They’re a perfect blend of experience (with 16 Volvo Ocean Races between them) and youth (both Mueller and Godfrey fall into our under-30 slots). Their collective experience and expertise is currently filtering into the design of the new il mostro boat, which will be revealed in the spring.


But don't be fooled: These guys have more to them than trophies and nautical miles - after all, they're people, too. People who will leave behind families, dogs, and espresso machines when they embark on this trek. They're medics, navigators, and karaoke-lovers. They're world-class sailors and Dead Heads at heart.


One likes to work in the nude. Another is an Aries who enjoys long walks on the beach.


(Yes, we’re serious.)


So take some time and get to know them. After all, it's not everyday that you're welcomed on board a journey that wraps 37.000 miles around the world.