Italian Grand Prix of Monza – Home Race for the Tifosi

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Built in 1922, the Italian Grand Prix of Monza is one of the longest running events on the Formula 1 racing calendar and has been the location for most of the Italian races over the years. The traditional circuit consists of very long straights and only 3 real corners - the two Lesmos and the Parabolica.
The circuit is the only one in the racing calendar that pushes the Formula 1 cars to their maximum performance of 340 kmh (210 mph) and makes sure that their engines are at full throttle for nearly 80% of the lap.

The "Grand Premio d’Italia“ in the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is the last Grand Prix of the Formula 1 World Championship this season in Europe and the home grand prix of PUMA supplied team Scuderia Ferrari Malboro, who of course want to gift their home fans with a victory.

For Fernando Alonso in particular it is his first Italian Grand Prix as a Scuderia Ferrari Malboro driver and a moment of truth in the fight for the World Championship:
"There is no denying that the Monza race will be very important. At our home circuit we will have to do everything to avoid losing any more points - a good result here would be a great boost. If things go badly, it won't be over but it would be a hard knock for team morale."

But also Marc Webber and Sebastian Vettel as number 2 and 3 in the overall World Championship standings want to de-throne Luis Hamilton from the top spot.

Mark Webber: "There are a lot of things that make Monza unique and special, not least of all the passionate Italian tifosi who help to give the place a great atmosphere. I love the way the track threads its way through the park too and remains one of the classic races on the F1 calendar. Of course, it's renowned for its many long straights, that means a lot of heavy braking so it can be quite hard on the car. I think we can still do well at Monza. We might have a bit more in the way of opposition - in addition to Ferrari, McLaren and Renault, Force India could also be in the mix for the top places."

Sebastian Vettel: "I have got two great memories from Monza, my first F1 first win and first F1 pole position, so it's good to be going back. It's a unique circuit with a great history and an unforgettable atmosphere due to the fans. The circuit is one of the most challenging of the season, due to the low downforce levels and high top speeds. It's unique because it includes very long straights where we reach more than 300kph and there are the famous corners, Parabolica and Lesmo. They are faster than the first chicanes, but you have to brake heavily on the approach. The key factors are low drag and good braking stability. I think it won't be easy for us, due to the long straights, but I'm sure we will do our best and keep fighting until the end."

According to this constellation we are truly looking forward to an exciting racing weekend in Monza.