Going for the Goodies: Durban’s Street Food Scene

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Eat up. Street food in Durban is just around the corner.  

You've been out all night partying in Durban. In this hot and sticky city on the shores of the Indian Ocean, it's easy to lose track of time and end up dancing and drinking well beyond last call. When this happens, you might need food fast.

Lucky for the After Hours Athlete, street food in Durban is serious business. We present three of our favourites (all invented here, natch).

1. Chip and Cheese Roti:
Rotis have been elevated to an art at Johnny's Rotis. (Technically it's name is Sunrise Chip N Ranch, but everyone only ever call's it Johnny's.) A roti is a flat round bread made from ground flour, and it's filled and rolled like a burrito.

For the Chip and Cheese, a roti the size of a flying saucer is laid out, covered with thick-cut chips (that's fries to any Yanks out there), smothered with cheese, and rolled. It's a strange meal, one that is almost impossible to finish, but at the end of a long night of partying, there's nothing better.

2. Bunny Chow
Indian immigrants to Durban invented the bunny chow in the 1940's. Since then it's become a street food staple. (You can't miss this half-loaf of bread with the centre hollowed, filled with curry, and the bread from the centre placed on top.)

The first bit of curry is eaten using the chunk of bread to dip and scoop. As the level of curry goes down, the walls of the loaf are torn off, dunked, and eaten. It ends with the gravy sodden crust - the best part of the meal. A bunny chow is the ultimate Durban street food.

3. Pineapple Curry Skewer
When craving something sweet, eat this: Pieces of pineapple on skewers coated with a warm mix of curry spices. The sweet juicy fruit of the pineapple mixes with the spiciness of the masala powder to create a wonderful contrast, and give you a boost of energy for whatever's next.

Pro tip: you can eat all of these walking down the street with nothing but your hands—no utensils needed—perfect for a quick bite between bars.

Photos courtesy of Genevieve Akal