Dive Bar Dance Party

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Looking for beats and beers in Cali? Grab your teammates, drive to downtown LA, and dance the night away at La Cita.

Don't be fooled by La Cita's exterior-it resembles a traditional Mexican restaurant-there is nothing traditional about this dive bar. The interior is covered with multicolored lights that bring out the hodgepodge of stickers plastered across the DJ booth and walls. Even though La Cita is a bar, its huge dance floor and heavy bass mean it could easily double as a nightclub. Except that the crowd isn't the nightclub type. Here you'll find laidback After Hours Athletes who just want to kick it with their teammates.

Even on a Monday night, there's a huge crowd of people ready to party like it's still the weekend. If you're not ready to jump onto the dance floor, make your way over to the bar covered in Christmas lights. With super friendly bartenders, La Cita welcomes you to build up your liquid courage without maxing out your charge card.

On the dance floor it's electronic music mixed with a bit of Top 40, and it definitely has a beat to it. Shake it out with everyone from talented break-dancers to mustachioed hipsters who really just want to move. The crowd is a one-of-a-kind blend of misfits, cool kids, and locals. If you can appreciate a good beat, then you'll fit in just fine.

When you need a breather from hours of dancing, step outside to the back patio. It's a much chiller scene, and you can sit down and have a conversation with friends. There's another bar out there (natch) and a stage where local bands sometimes give live performances. Lanterns and the surrounding skyscrapers illuminate the entire patio, and somehow you feel like you are at the far edges of a dream and the heart of Los Angeles all at once.

The lively crowd makes La Cita the place to be any night of the week. Whether you want to dance or you need to wind down with a couple of drinks, you know you'll have a great time.

Photos courtesy of Melanie Witkower.