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On September 15, three men began a remarkable 2000 mile journey running from Boston, MA to Austin, TX. Crazy? Maybe. Impossible? Nope. Scott Jenkins (pictured) assures us that with just 335 miles remaining, the guys are not going to let anything keep them from their final destination.

We were able to ask Scott a few quick questions before he (and the guys) had to go running... of course!  Here's what Scott had to say...

What was your favorite run so far?
Running three miles up a mountain in Pennsylvania all alone after 24 miles for the day.  I realized after doing this that anything is possible!

What was your least favorite run so far?
Turning 30 on October 17th was the worst birthday ever.  I had to run 35 miles and found it hard to focus. I was missing family, friends, and the girlfriend a lot. I somehow found the determination to keep going though!

What music are you listening to during your runs?
Kings of Leon and The Killers

What has been your favorite meal?
Spaghetti bolognaise

What is your favorite PUMA running shoe?
The Complete Velosis 2!  The shoe has lasted me 841 miles to be exact.  From the moment I started wearing it in Boston it has provided me with a comfortable ride but with excellent support. I have remainded injury free and that is testimony to the quality of it, as I have been running 35 miles a day.  I would highly recommend this shoe and its styling is fantastic too.

Wow, thanks Scott!

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