Cesc Fàbregas at the Top of Europe

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If you ask anyone in Europe whose boots they would like to be in this morning it's a fair bet Cesc Fabregas will come top of the list. This is a man who has now won two Euros and a World Cup. His mantelpiece is full of medals. And he's still only 25!

Creative vision and slide rule passes have long been Cesc's trademark but this tournament has also celebrated his goalscoring skills at international level. That crucial goal in the group match against Italy to level the scores, Spain's first of the tournament. Another against Ireland. Then the pinpoint semi-final penalty against Portugal.

Cesc said he spoke to the ball before he took that nerve jangling shot and it's clear he has a very close and personal relationship with footballs. In our Dreamcatcher film he told us about his childhood. As a little boy, his football was his most treasured possession. He would take it with him wherever he went, even to the toilet.

So what did he whisper to the ball before taking the penalty? Apparently he told it to help him make history. Tonight, as he lifted the trophy, he certainly did that.

Congratulations Cesc on a remarkable achievement!