No puedo parar, no voy a parar: K-Town

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Tie up your kicks and hit the streets of LA as we go til dawn at our latest late-night partying sweet spot.

We've always loved the nonstop nightlife of Seoul, which is why we can't get enough of Koreatown in Los Angeles, aka K-Town. After all, when it comes to K-Town, the party doesn't even get started until 02:00. It's the ultimate after-hours destination in the City of Angels.

To go all night you're going to need some serious fuel. Luckily K-Town is packed with killer Korean BBQ joints. It's all cook-your-own bulgogi (thin slices of beef marinated in soju and soy sauce) and spicy Yookejang soup. Devour it with little plates of rice, salad, broccoli, potato salad, cucumber, and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage), and you'll give yourself a good base for what's next.

Soju. Soju. Soju. Whether it's a bottle of soju shots or soju cocktails, you'll want to pour up and throw back the Korean drink of choice. Pro tip: Always pour the soju for your teammates-serving yourself is bad luck. And don't get greedy, it's poor form to top up a glass before it's empty.

After Korean BBQ and soju you're ready for the main event: noraebang. Book a private karaoke room with your friends and unleash your inner rock star. From the divey to the sleek, private karaoke rooms can hold up to six teammates and it's the only way to rock out until dawn.

From the bright lights of this urban playground that refuses to sleep to the delicious Korean BBQ joints to indulge in, it’s impossible not to get hooked on the adrenaline shot that is K-Town. So pour us a soju shot and prepare to get down. 

Photos courtesy of Sara Mohazzebi