La velocidad ahora es más rápida

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Looking back through the sands of time, there's one character trait that defines the human species - the desire to improve. We want to be better, stronger, faster. It's in our nature.

At PUMA we're driven by the same hunger. Every time we get in the lab and create a new boot, we need to break boundaries, defy convention and evolve.

There's no doubt that the PUMA evoSPEED has revolutionised the game. But did we sit back, pat ourselves on the back and say job done? You know us better than that.

We wanted to break the speed limit, creating a new evoSPEED that was lighter, more flexible and even faster. But how do you take the speediest boot around and inject it with even more blistering pace? Simple - you go to Ducati, or as we call them 'The Godfathers of Speed.'

Our creative minds came together to deliver the breathtaking evoSPEED 1 SL Ducati. Its stunning, unique look is inspired by the speed and aerodynamic silhouettes of a Ducati motorbike. And of course, it's packed with all the technology and innovation of the evoSPEED.

From the extra light synthetic upper, to the Pebax outsole and carbon fibre insert, every detail of the evoSPEED 1 SL Ducati minimises weight and maximises reactivity. The outcome of all this ingenuity? Tearing up the turf and leaving defenders in the dust.

It’s a magnificent and beautiful boot to behold…..but blink and you might just miss it