PUMA TCC Clubs Impress at President’s Day Tournament

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PUMA TCC Clubs showed up to impress at this year's SC Del Sol President's Day Tournament in Phoenix, AZ. This tournament is known to be one of the best president's day tournaments throughout the country attracting some of the nation's best teams. It is an honor to play at this tournament and we congratulate PUMA TCC clubs Top Hat (GA), La Roca FC (UT), and the FC Blazers (MA) for being part of it!

PUMA is proud to say that three of the seven winning teams in the girl's brackets were PUMA TCC clubs. Congratulations to the girls U16 La Roca FC team along with Top Hat's U12 and U13 teams for taking home The President's Day Championship titles!

The girls U16 La Roca FC team is featured in the image above after winning the President's Day Tournament. Want to learn more about PUMA's TCC program and find out how your club can get involved? Email TCC@puma.com for more info.