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Way back in 1960, the German Footballer of the Year awards was born. The ceremony was a chance to recognise and acknowledge the cream of German footballing talent. And it's been going strong ever since.

The awards are determined by a poll of football journalists from the Association of German Sports Journalists and the magazine 'kicker'. It's serious business and a great honour for the winner and all the nominees too.

Anyway, we're not just rambling on about the history and evolution of the German Footballer of the Year awards for no reason. Over the weekend, the top stars of the German game came together to crown the winners of 2012. And let's just say it turned into a PUMA family affair.

After a stunning season of predatory finishing, Marco Reus took the German Footballer of the Year 2012 title. In our minds it was never in doubt and he beat off some stiff competition to named top dog in the game. Moving on to the women, midfield battler Célia Okoyino da Mbabi was named Women's Footballer of the Year 2012. We loved watching her dominate the centre of the park last season. And it seems the judges were impressed too. Now, as if having two PUMA stars shining bright wasn't enough, the tactical genius that is Jürgen Klopp clinched the German Coach of the Year 2012 award with 496 votes. This completed a stunning PUMA hattrick on the night, bringing a massive smile to the whole PUMA family.

Winning awards is great. But it can be easy to get caught up in all the hype. We never forget what they represent: performance, excellence and a love for the game. This is what we stand for, so today we feel proud of all these guys. And we're proud to be PUMA.