A Clever Ragazzo

Italian footballer Alessandro Diamanti is known for many things. Not least of which is his uncanny ability to pull a rabbit out of his hat (or, in his case, wild head of hair) to solve on-pitch problems. An explosive player with loads of charisma, he has turned into a natural leader. He currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Serie A club Bologna and is a proud member of the Italian national football team. Diamanti started his professional career in his hometown club Prato. Since then he has played with various Italian Serie A teams and he has also wrapped up two seasons in the English Premier League. In 2012, Diamanti was a part of the successful Gli Azzurri team that reached the final in the European Championships.


Alino’s Vitals

Nacionalidad: Ico-italyItalia
Date of Birth: 02 de mayo de 1983
Clubs: Italia

Notable Performance

Scored the winning penalty in the quarter-finals in 2012