¡Muévete! Seis maneras de moverse más

  • The Fitness Team
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Not all of us do Ironmans, hike Mt. Everest, or swim the English Channel. But we all know we should get the blood flowing somehow. Here are some easy ways to get your body moving during even the busiest (or laziest) of days.

Bag the Elevator: Scamper up a few flights of stairs to boost your heart rate, work productivity, and energy. You will feel a secret (or not-so-secret) feeling of triumph over the elevator crew. It’s okay to gloat.

Park Far Away: Even on our busiest days, you have that extra three minutes to park at the end of the lot. All those extra strolls add up over time.

Escape at lunch: Catch some sunshine and gossip. Grab a friend, coworker, complete stranger (well, maybe not…) and burn calories on your pre- or post-meal hike.

Drink. Water that is: Drink more. It gives you a reason to stretch your legs en route to the bathroom. It’s science, kids.

Get a Pedometer: Whether it’s an old school model or a new school app, keeping track of your steps will become a borderline obsession (in a good way). More steps equals more calories burnt. Hooray.

Dance: Maybe you look like a drowning octopus, but who cares? Whether it’s at a club or in your living room cleaning up: get moving. The vacuum cleaner is a great dance partner.

These activities will help keep your blood from clumping and get your fist-a-pumping. While one trip up the stairs instead of on the elevator might not seem like much, 365 days of it makes a huge impact. Power up, people.